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Episode 1 – Singles and Relationship Advice

It’s here. The first episode of the 2 week event. Tune in each day this week for new episodes #datinghasnomerci. Dont miss out on the love game of dating.

Episode 2 – Dating a Drug Dealer

Dating can be dangerous. Especially when your lover is found through the internets. See what happens when Sasha finds a potential boo on Facebook.

Episode 3 – Dating a Benefit Card – Dating Has No Merci

When you’re hungry and hot, it’s not hard to find a guy that’s thirsty enough to take you out. Find out how Sasha uses her benefit card.

Episode 4 – Dating the Good & the Bad

When dating, just because you’re “nice” doesn’t mean you’re the right guy. Find out how Sasha’s first date of the season goes.

Episode 5 – Dating In The Friend-Zone

When dating someone, it may feel like it’s growing into something. Chances are you might just be a place holder, in other words F R I E N D Z O N E D.

Episode 6 – Dating a Team Player

Micheal takes the next step and invites Sasha to meet his mom. Sasha finds that just because she met his mother doesn’t mean she’s the only one.

Episode 7 – Dating an Educated Woman

You ever see couples arguing in the street and wondered how they got there? #DatingHasNoMerci

Episode 8 – Dating a Mother-Lover

Sasha finds an unexpected adventure with some one that’s more than just a momma’s boy.

Episode 9 – Dating a Bad Habit

Sasha realizes she needs to do better for herself. Just because she knows what to do doesn’t mean she can shake her bad habits.

Episode 10 – Dating N/A

Sasha comes to term with her age and decides is time to take the next step in the season finale of #DatingHasNoMerci

Sasha Merci

Sasha Merci is a Dominican-American entertainer hailing from the Bronx, New York. Sasha brings joy to any room she enters. Being 1 out of 7 siblings, Sasha would have to compete to have their attention. To earn their respect she challenged herself to always make them laugh. Proving that she could, Sasha brought this goal with her to school where she constantly starred in school plays and recitals where she was able to sing and perform.
It wasn’t until 2014, however, where her vision to become an entertainer expanded. She began to write and record herself on Instagram posting quirky anecdotes. Doing this quickly caught the attention of many, her rants and skits would vividly describe her experiences as a young second-generation Latina from the “hood”. Relating to so many young women, Sasha would touch on topics such as her overbearing parents, dating, and switching it up in the work-force. Using Instagram as her platform, she was able to perform her stand-up material throughout local bars and open mics. Sasha is taking her comedic skills to the next level by exploring and he own material. She has just wrapped up writing, and starring in the 2017 web-series “Dating Has no Merci”. The series is based on her real life experiences as well as her enthusiasm to do whatever her heart desires; even if it’s at the expense of her best friend or current pursuer’s feelings.


My name is Ken aka Kenstarrrz ( born & raised in Spanish Harlem. I am a writer, comedian/actor, and producer based out of Spanish Harlem, NYC. I originally began this journey on Vine & now have switched platforms Instagram and transitioning into YouTube & I take full advantage of it. My fans inspire me daily, I try to always remain humble without loosing sight of where I come from & how I got here. Spanish Harlem Is Just like being in my livingroom watchin a movie & eating popcorn HaHaHa. Keeping my art is relevant and important to me I try to create real life situations with my unique histeria. I try not to follow trends but create my own lane especially with music most people don’t know the music on my videos are original works that were created by my friends and I. Comedy is my life…i just love having a good time who ever im with and whereever im at. I am always working on my ability to showcase my talent to greater heights. At the end of the day i want to look back on these days and just smile cause I know it was all worth it.

Darlene Demorizi

Darlene Demorizi, better known by her stage name; “Dee Nasty”, is a Dominican-American comedian and Instagram Influencer hailing from the Bronx, New York. She uses her Instagram page as a platform to post quirky skits and rants to her 33k followers. describing life as a second-generation latina from the “hood”. Her anecdotes range from her experiences and frustrations as a twenty-something year old millennial in the dating world to embarrassing predicaments in everyday scenarios. She has caught the attention of many. She recently wrapped up her first role as a supporting actress in the 2017 Web Series, Dating has no Merci and is a student at UCB NY Theathre.

Justin Lufair Brown

Starting as a composer for UPN’s “The Eve Show” and “All of Us”, then move to production for Showtime’s “Billions”, FX’s “Sex Drugs Rock n’ Roll” and NBC’s “Shade’s of Blue” with Jennifer Lopez. J. Lufair quickly learned how to collaborate with a wide variety of agendas to get the best product that serves the needs of each production. Working side by side with a full range of producers, directors and editors, the skills were quickly developed to take on projects of his own. Working side by side with Sasha Merci create the series Dating Has No Merci, J. Lufair brought the skills and work flow from major studio productions to the their project.

Gene Noble

Relentless, powerful, and provocative is how many describe Grammy nominated songwriter & singer Gene Noble’s vocal ability. With his unique vibrato and jaw dropping falsettos, Noble is a crowd pleaser who continues to amaze audiences throughout the US and Europe.

Noble is an accomplished songwriter, having written for some of music’s top artist including, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Faith Evans, and more. He is also now a Top 40 artist with his new song “Only Love” (a collaboration with Shaggy and Pitbull) making the rounds on radio stations all over the world. His highly anticipated debut EP – Rebirth of Gene debuted at #16 on iTunes R&B Chart and was rated a “Top 20 R&B Album” by Rhapsody. His sophomore EP is set for release in June 2017.

Noble’s life began in Manhattan, Kansas as an Army brat. After the death of his father, music became his sanctuary. Noble’s music is influenced by his love of jazz, gospel, rock, pop, and country. After witnessing R&B artist D’Angelo perform on his Voodoo tour, he knew he wanted to become a celebrated performing artist. A native of New York, Noble currently resides in Los Angeles.